Bu sitenin kullanımı ile ilgili sorular

You will find the [Fantastic ! Let Everone See] button when you finish creating your stereogram. Just don't forget to select a category to publish your masterpiece in.

Click on the Create Stereogram Menu item.

  • If you want to use preassambled depth or pattern images, they are already selected by default. Just scroll through the images to select you like.
  • If you like to use your text as depth or pattern images, you need to select the radio button next to that info item. Afterwards, you should set the options belonging that info item.

Now push the Do It button. Voila !

Your depth image is the hidden image. Can you see it?

You sure can! You will find the [E-Mail This to Someone] button after you created your stereogram. You can even add a short text message to be sent along with the e-mail.

All of the stereograms in this site are images which can be saved to your disk by just right-clicking on the image and selecting save! That includes the gallery, too.